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 Shin Kong International Limited LOGOShin Kong International Ltd. ( SKID )

Taiwan Shin Kong Investment (One of the Backbone members of Taiwan Shin Kong Group ) with IDG Capital (Venture Funds) formed Taiwan Shin Kong International . Under the agreement, Taiwan Shin Kong International has exclusive rights to expand (SKID) Shin Kong International Department Store in China, which now has Nanjing, Wuxi and Nantong.  In the near future, SKID gradually to expand her network into Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu.


新光国际百货公司The group’s objective is to open the best and most elegant, High-End retail space, encompassing thousands of selective commodity and carry out Shin Kong professional services concept in China as it attempts to gain ground in growth markets.


With implement Taiwan Shin Kong group’s well developed human resources planning and management system. SKID has brings up a group of highly trained, and prudent Taiwanese department store specialists for the emerging China market.


Meanwhile, SKID  has among 20+ Taiwanese specialists already stationed in China. According to various phase of development, Taiwan Shin Kong International will mobilize more additional specialists into China.The team of Taiwanese Specialists possess advanced brand management concept, corporate image, architecture and operating systems management skill, standing on high ground and examine the channel from different levels, provide a clear compass pillar for project planning.


Inherited from Taiwan Department Store Operations Technology and Strict Management system experience and integrate IDG Capital (China) venture funds and abundant human veins. It further establishes SKID ’s presence in such an exciting, active market with a vibrant economy and substantial growth potential.


Shin Kong International Ltd.

All Unveiled In SKID

Shin Kong International Ltd.Shin Kong International builds on its reputation to focus on 100,000 + sq. m retail space operation.Integrate the high-end rich famous, luxury interior design concept. Refined and attentive professional service with a deep artistic culture condensed into unique and features shopping space.


Inheriting Taiwan Shin Kong Group business philosophy and characteristics. In before any retail space project, conducting a series of most meticulous project planning and market survey analysis to obtain the best market position. Via the sound hardware settings planning and the shop strategy implementation to make each new retail spaces in perfect presentation.These retail spaces have strong positions in their local markets with geographic, retail and economic diversity.


Its list of retailers – Zara, Muji, H&M, Unique, Sephora, ASOBIO….as well as such sought-after well-known brands as LV, Chanel, Gucci,  Mont Blanc、CERRUTI 1881,Bvlgari,Coach, Furla,Rolex,Tudor….. – is highlighted by many consumers.


Shin Kong International Ltd.Fully Enclosed Cinema, Amusement, Good and Beverage, and many other vendors, but also provide all kinds of Exquisite Customer Service, Exclusive VIP facilities, Drivers Lounge, Parenting, Children's dressing room, Professional Clothing Alteration room, Gourmet street ... and Multifunction activity area…..


In addition, SKID has the leading arts and cultural center organizes regular cultural, art, folklore, and other large-scale abroad exhibitions, a variety of theme activities for consumers shopping, leisure to enjoy cultural and appreciation of the arts.


Today's department store shopping is not just shopping era, SKID to meet and creates a new consumer demand to drive the consumer to enhance, promote cultural activities of the city region, to optimize the quality of urban life. A luxurious yet elegant, but without losing the focus on literary enthusiasm high texture department stores complex. Which always give customers feel the many surprises, more comfortable and considerate the best place to go shopping.

We bring to the consumer who is not only famous shopping, more is the quality of life to create.

 Shin Kong Group LOGOShin Kong Group

Shin Kong Life TowerIn 1945 Shin Kong firm co-founded by Mr. Wu, Mr. Hong and Mr. Lin, later in 1952 to be expanded as Taiwan Shin Kong Industrial Corporation, then become today's Shin Kong Group, one of the five famous business groups in Taiwan.


Wu, Hong, Lin, three families are jointly responsible for the whole group of operation, group business is widespread, covering over 20 industries.


In 2009 Shin Kong Group has 118 firms, include 8 IPO companies, with total assets of more than 40 billion US dollars, the number of employees nearly 20 million.


Shin Kong Life Tower

    Shin Kong Life Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Taiwan at 51 stories 244.76 metres (803.0 ft). The rose-coloured skyscraper topped by a pyramid stands in Zhongzheng District, Taipei. Its first twelve floors and two underground floors house a Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store; the remaining floors provide office space and serve as headquarters for the Shin Kong Life Insurance Company. The tower stands across Zhongxiao Road from Taipei Main Station near the Asiaworld Department Store. 


Shin Kong Group – Success Stories

Shin Kong Group – Success Stories